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Operational Due Diligence

Our professional associates have more than 350 years of senior management expertise and have completed more than 40 hospitality asset repositioning / restructuring / realization assignments.

Our experience with operations repositioning and restructuring gives us unique insight to identify early warning signals for ‘operational risk’. Depending on specific assignment requirements, Operational Due Diligence usually requires an evaluation of some or all the following:

  • Review Feasibility Assessment;
  • Review Updated Financial Models / Forecasts / Budgets (consider post feasibility economic and market changes, forecasted market penetration curves, operational efficiency learning models);
  • Review Pre-Opening Budgets;
  • Review Franchise and Management Agreements;
  • Evaluate the Proposed Management Team and Identify any Deficiencies;
  • Assess the competency of the Sales & Marketing Team; and
  • Evaluate the Financial and Management Reporting Capabilities.

The deliverables consider potential operational risks, which should be considered as important as legal, environmental, and sponsor risks, in the lending approval process.