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Advisory & Operating Efficiency

Human Resource Administration

Outsourcing the Human Resource Administration functions reduce management team workload allowing you to focus on achieving your business objectives.

Working as an extension of your management team our Human Resource Administration service will generally include the ongoing development and maintenance of:

  • Human Resource Documentation (for example; Employee Files, Job Descriptions, Employee Evaluations, Employment Agreements, Procedural Templates, Employee Handbook, etc.).
  • Human Resource Policies and Procedures (for example; Health and Safety Protocols, Prevention of Violence in the Workplace Protocols, dealing with Workplace Bullying and Harassment Protocols, House Rules & Regulations,
  • Payroll Administration (for example; Maintaining Competitive Wage Scale Database, Monitoring Payroll Cut-off and Deadlines, scheduling Government Reporting and Remittances, special reporting functions for T-4 and ROE, etc.).
  • Paymaster Services (for example; payroll processing, labour cost analysis, etc.).

HR Professionals assigned to your engagement will be available through normal business hours, or after hours on a by appointment basis.

We will begin each engagement with an audit of the Human Resource processes, and assessment of effectiveness.

Human Resource Program Development

Employee retention and development have never been more important to the success of continuing operations.

Working with your management team our Human Resource Program Development service may generally include the ongoing development, delivery, and maintenance of:

  • Employee Culture Programs (for example, transparency, diversity, inclusion, team-play, remote work, compensation, on-boarding, feedback, recognition, wellness, social media, etc.).
  • Training & Development Programs (for example, guest service, service recovery, conflict resolution, making the sale, team building, values-based leadership, coaching & mentoring, career pathing, etc.).
  • Recruiting Process (for example, create and manage employment opportunity notices and postings, receive and screen candidates, schedule interviews and reference/background checks, recommend candidates, final interviews, other testing requirements, job offer, on-boarding, etc.)

IHM Resources assigned to your engagement will be available to your management team through normal business hours, or after hours on a by appointment basis, to ensure that your Human Resource administration needs are met.