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Management Services

Operations Management

Our integrated consulting and management solutions provide a multi disciplinary approach to evaluating existing operating performance, working to increase revenues, eliminate unnecessary costs, and improving efficiency by balancing the delivery of expected guest service levels at the minimum costs, through the implementation of:

  • Market Driven Business and Operating Plans;
  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring of Management and Supervisory Personnel;
  • Operational and Internal Control Systems;
  • Timely Financial and Operational Reporting Systems;
  • Resource Allocation and Utilization Models;
  • Market and Competitive Position Analysis;
  • Digital Marketing and On-Line Travel Agent Strategy;
  • Strategic Marketing and Revenue Management Plan;
  • Pricing and Yield Management Based Decision-making;
  • Comprehensive Operating and Capital Budgeting Process; and
  • Identification of Revenue Enhancement and Cost Containment Opportunities.