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Financial Reporting

Accounting Policies & Procedures

Our experience with Accounting Policies & Procedures is extensive and has included most jurisdictions in Canada, the USA, and some Caribbean Nations. We are qualified to develop and implement Internal Control Systems that are consistent with IFRS, US GAAP, and USALI reporting standards.

Developing Accounting Policies & Procedures usually includes some or all the following:

  • Review of established and existing Policies & Procedures for:
    • • Cash and Bank Deposits
    • • Accounts Receivable / Credit Policies
    • • Inventory Management
    • • Capital Expenditures and Fixed Asset Management
    • • Other Assets Management
    • • Accounts Payable
    • • Other Liabilities Management
    • • Income Control and Cost Control Policies
    • • Payroll / Human Resources
    • • Segregation of Duties
    • • All Reporting (Revenue, Settlement, Internal, Financial, etc.)
    • • Internal and External Audits
    • • Property Emergency Policies
  • Understanding internal and external stakeholders and reporting requirements;
  • Identifying specifics for content and timeliness of operational processes;
  • Ensuring compliance with all local government regulations and legislation; and
  • Identifying missing or inefficient Policies & Procedures by department, by
    process, as required.

Deliverables are tailored to the specific needs / requirements of every engagement.